em client phones home, why ? And what ?

Which kind of information is send to your server , when em clients phones home ?
Because of using a proxy, em clients won’t work after 14 days without connecting to your server. Is this necassary ? I have registered for the free version. Why do you do that ?

It only sends your HWGUID (it is a unique hardware key of your computer) which allows us to control number of PCs where eM Client is installed.

The SoftMaker edition (1 licence = 3 clients) does not have a Help > Licence > Deactivate option.

  1. How do I free up such licences. Is a regular uninstall sufficient?
  2. Or will the licence be set free after 14 days of missed home calls? (When eM Client claims to have no licence)

I am not sure how the Softmaker license works - ask their support please.