Em-Client overides Outlook as default email even though Outlook set as default

I use Outlook office 365 for work and emclient for personal (gmail) messages (laptop running Windows 10 pro).  Outlook is the default email app in settings.  When in Word and try to “share” the document through email it is the em-client email dialogue box that pops up not outlook.  How do I fix this? - I do not want to use personal email to send work documents.  

Open Windows Control Panel. Go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

Click on Outlook. Choose Choose defaults for this program.

Scroll down to the end and tick MAPI > Send email. Then Save.

This does not work.  Windows 10 always takes you back to settings and default apps.  You cannot do this through the control panel.  I have been through every default app setting and eM is not listed as a default for anything but yet it still is overriding my Outlook.  Guess I will ask for my money back and find another alternative to eM Client.  Not cool.  

Well, default apps are controlled by Windows, not the apps themselves. If you can’t get Windows to change its settings, maybe ask Microsoft for a refund!

In the event that you are using 1709 and not able to find the above settings, you can invoke the old “Set your default programs” interface with the following command:

control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageDefaultProgram

Or the old “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”:

control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageFileAssoc