em Client outlook emails not resynchronizing!

Em Client outlook emails not resynchronizing? I have a account of outlook email and a alias but is not resynchronizing. Why is this happening? I have set up to be resynchronizing every 1 minutes

Hi, what do you mean by “Resynchronizing”? Do you use IMAP or POP3?

Anyway Outlook should have set synchronization interval to 10 - 15 minutes, if set lower then server can and very often will block any attempts for some time.


If i set up to 10 minutes would i get (showing) the emails instantly or not in emclient?

IMAP should check automatically on the server, but this setting will prevent often synchronizations which often leads to your issue.


Sometimes em Client outlook emails resynchronizing get fails, that is use any paid tool to import eM Client data to Outlook: read this http://www.everything-email.com/how-to-export-em-client-to-outlook/