eM Client opening on the wrong monitor

Help please!!

I have two monitors, a 34" (I use as the only monitor 99% of the time) and a 55" tv I use once in a great while to watch movies on. But every time I get an alert or open eM Client it always opens on the tv screen even though it’s not used as a monitor very often. Which means I have to turn on the tv, switch inputs, and then move eM Client to where it belongs. I’ve tried closing eM Client then opening it back on the correct screen. I shut off the monitor and then come back later and it’s done it again. Is there some setting I’m missing?

The 34" screen is a Samsung hooked up through DisplayPort as monitor 1. The tv is a TLC connected via HDMI as screen 2



What version of eM Client do you have and are you running Windows or Mac.

Also what Win or Mac OS version do you have.

Sorry, can’t believe I forgot to add that.

Anyway, eM Client is version 9.1.2109 (9967b93)

Running on Windows 11 Home Version 21H2


It’s a pity Windows 10/11 OS’s feature only very basic multi-monitor functionality.

Personally, I use a third-party program (DisplayFusion). I can’t imagine using two or more monitors under Windows without it. I think the free version is sufficient but I’m not sure about it (here’s a comparison chart: Free vs Pro • DisplayFusion by Binary Fortress Software).

This app will, among others, always open a program where you closed it. You can also set it to open specific programs always on a specific monitor. You will find it helpful in other ways, too.

As long as I can remember, this app has always been recommended on Microsoft forums. Like in here:




Normally eM Client when opened and closed will stay on the same monitor it was previously when reopened again. Windows can be glitchy though with multiple multiple monitors.

Have you tried “reversing your video card” Monitor and TV physical HDMI outputs from your computer end ?

Also have you tried reversing the Monitor and TV output “display icons” in Windows ?

If you have tried the above already then have you tried changing the display resolution in Windows as might be something to do with that ?

Failing that as you have the latest eM Client version then that optional software @Son-of-A-Gun suggested sounds like the way to go.

Thanks cyberzork, sadly I’ve tried most of that so I’m going to try DisplayFusion. Thanks Son-of-a Gun.

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Must be doing something wrong because every setting I’ve tried in DisplayFusion has NOT stopped eM Client from opening and sending alerts to the second monitor… This is getting really frustrating!!

I too have the same issue. DisplayPort for main monitor where eM client is suppose to stay and two other monitors that are HDMI

I get that when a DP monitor is shut off all programs associated with that monitor are moved since, to Windows, that monitor has been disconnected. However, all my programs aside from eM client will return to the main monitor upon powering up the main monitor.

Oddly, eM client isn’t even on the display when the monitor is turned off. It’s closed to the taskbar. So it shouldn’t even be bothered by Windows 11 moving stuff from the DP monitor.

That’s exactly what’s happening to me… No matter what I do with or without DisplayPort… Very frustrating!!! At least I did find that win-shift-arrow key combo quickly moves it to the correct monitor without have to turn on the other one… Still a pain in the ass though!!

Hi macmind, I have a logitech G502 mouse (but expect most other brands have same ability). I have the scroll wheel set to move program to other screen (side switch of wheel, not actual scrolling). This is incredibly handy to quickly switch program to other screens. Works both left and right.

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instonethreetimes, that’s a great idea!! Doesn’t fix the problem but sure makes it easier to deal with, thanks!!