em client on free license

I was using em client on free license and now got a message they had not connected to me for 14 days so I was put off oine. I really liked using th eprogram but now i can’t? How do I get the free license back? 

Are you by any chance using Windows XP?  XP does not support the security protocols used by the eM Client licensing system, therefore, eM Client no longer supports Windows XP.

Bruce & Lois <lindermanloisbruce@gmail.com> 3:24 PM (7 minutes ago)

to eM

I have 8.1
I would get updates or whatever I need to do but now I cannot access eM Client for email or anything?
Any suggestions

If you go to menu/help/license, does it show an active license?  If no, can you reenter your license and see if it works?

Yes I do have active license.  All it says under license is I can deactivate nothing about reactivating.  thanks for replying to my predicament.  I hope you can help me solve this problem.

HOW WOULD I reenter my license?

Are you using a proxy?  try disabling your firewall to see if that clears it up.

what’s a proxy?

I restarted my computer and the same message from em client came up about the 14 days not contacting them for getting updates and they were running the program offlne?

Hi BL,

It seems that there is a problem with a connection to our domain emclient.com (https://licensemanager.emclient.com). As Jay said, please try disabling all services on your PC that might be blocking the connection: Antivirus/Firewall/Proxy.


I tried disabling firewall and antivirus which I have had for years with Norton but it did not help.  I do not know what a proxy is.
  To me it seems I did not do something I was suppose to in 14 days in regard to getting updates from eM Client and they put me offline according to the message I received from them?
Is there anyway you can check my account and see what I did wrong.
Here is a message they sent to me which I got on my gmail account online:

 "You have requested information about your eM Client licenses on our website.
 The information is as follows:

Name: Bruce Linderman
Type: Free
Users: 1
Issued: 12/2/2017
Support Expiration Date: 12/2/2018
Activation Key: 4a89073f-b1c7-4765-99cb-44f71985200a

Activate your license in Menu - Help - License section."

Each time I restart my computer eM Client gives me the same message that I have not gotten updates in 14 days and so they are putting offline.  I do not think it is caused by my antivirus program.

It is something I did wrong and eMClient is telling me that?
Sure would be nice if you or someone could help me get  back on line with them.
Bruce Linderman

eM Client periodically checks the status of your license while the program is running to ensure its validity.  If it goes 14 days without validation, it puts the program in an offline mode.  There is nothing that you should (or could) have done.  If they suspected a license violation, you would have been informed via email.  For some reason, your install of eM Client is unable to contact the server for verification.

Maybe just go to menu/help/license and deactivate the license.   Restart eM Client and reenter the license.  Maybe that will help push through the verification.

If that does not work, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client.  The uninstall process does not delete your data, so when you reinstall you should have the same data.  That being said, a backup prior to the uninstall is always a good idea.

Let us know what happens!

Finally the answer I needed.  I am sending this to you on my eMClient program!!  I deactivated the license and it said I did not have a valid license.  But I activated it again entered the key and the problem was solved.  Downloaded all my messages etc and let me use it again.
Now i hope they can download any updates I need in timely fashion.
If there is anything else I need to to do to facilitate that please let me know,
Thanks you so much Mr. Ogram and others who tried to help me.
Bruce Linderman

eM Client does not necessarily push all updates out to users, so clicking on menu/help/check for update will not ensure you are running the latest version.  You can always go to https://www.emclient.com/release-history and download the latest version.