em client on 2 computers

I have been using eMClient for some time now.  I have recently purchased a new laptop and would like to have eMClient on both laptops is this possible?  I would like to them to sync also?  I can’t remember my password from when I originally set it up on the original laptop.  
Finally I also have the email address on my Ipad and Iphone so I can access emails at all times but the iphone won’t sync with the laptop.  Please help.  Thanks inadvance

Hi, yes you can use eM Client on more computers but you can only use one license for one computer, so you need to get another license for your new computer.
If you setup the email it should be synchronized with all your devices if you’re using IMAP for receiving new mail.

Also you might find the backup tool helpful, make a backup and restore the backup on your new computer, this way your eM Client will have the identical setting on your new computer, including all your mail, calendars, accounts etc.

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Thanks Paul.  My new computer is set up with IMAP but the old computer is STMP.  It is not the updated version.  That might be why??? I have heard if I update to version 6 I can loose everything…is this true?  I have never backed up but just set it for daily but there is no where that I can see that we can bakup now.  I thought if I backup now I could then risk updating version and changing it to IMAP.

Hi again, SMTP is an outgoing protocol only used for sending out email, protocols for receiving email are POP3 or IMAP…

Not sure where you got that information but I believe there was no issue with updating your application, but if you want to make sure, create a backup so if anything goes wrong you can only restore from that backup.

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Thanks Paul
I have backed up and updated the old laptop to the latest version and I am confused.  In the Accounts tab there is General, SMTP, POP3 Diagnostics.  But on the new computer (with the same email address) the  Accounts tab there is General, IMAP, SMTP Diagnostics.  Why would these be different?  I am assuming that because they are different that is why they aren’t sync.

Also I am sure I have sent it all up correctly but it still comes up with the Demo Expired window when I open up the program on the new laptop.


Hi Paul
I worked it out.  I hadn’t activated the new account.  I have now and all is good.  Thanks for your help.

Hi Nat,

Please note: in your old computer you’re using POP3 to download e-mail. This won’t synchronize your e-mail with your server.

In your new computer you’re using IMAP for downloading e-mail. This will synchronize your e-mail with your server.

This means that when you receive an e-mail first with your new computer, you should be able to receive that e-mail also on your iPhone.

If you receive an e-mail first with your old computer, you might not receive that e-mail on your new computer and/or iPhone.

Thanks.  How do I change to IMAP?  I can’t see an option.  There is only POP3.

Thanks again

Hi again Nat, you can’t change the receiving protocol of your current account from POP3 to IMAP, you have to add the account again as an IMAP account instead of POP3, if you use the automatic setup, IMAP should be setup automatically if it’s enabled by your mail service.

But if not, you can use the manual setup by switching from the Automatic setup tab to the mail tab below and selecting Other, then proceed with the steps and use IMAP settings (you can usually find those on the website of your mail service provider).

Hope this helps, let me know if you need further assistance with this.

Thank you,

Hi - sorry to reply to an old message but I have just followed your instruction to manually add my account as an IMAP account - which worked. However not all the messages and folders (basically the more recent ones) synchronised into my new account. Do you know why this would be or how I can fix it? I haven’t yet removed the POP3 version.

Hi Ebony, the IMAP protocol synchronizes your items with the server, so if you setup an IMAP account you should be able to see all that’s available on the server, so please try to login to your webmail and check if the messages are available on the server.
In case they are not, you can just move them there from your current POP account.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ebony,

I assume you have disabled your POP3 e-mail account?

Hi both, thanks for replying. I hadn’t disabled my POP account, I added the new account before doing so. I have since deleted it, however I realise I am missing a few emails and folders that I have recently created. I still have the backup that should have this info - but if I restore, will it replace all the changes I have made since then? Or does it just add the additional info?

Hi Ebony, if you want to access your local emails contained in the backup, I suggest creating a new database by going into Tools > Settings > General > Storage, and changing the path to the database folder to e.g. “…/Roaming/eM Client 2” instead of the original, if you do so, restart the application and restore from your backup.

When you’re finished with your changes you can go back to the storage settings and change the path back to “…/eM Client” and again restart the application, than you will be using your current database again.

Hope this helps,

Hi - thanks for the suggestions. I ended up manually copying all the emails and folders into the new one, then removing duplicates, to make sure I didn’t miss any. Seems to be working really well now with IMAP, syncing sent messages etc with my iphone too. Thanks!

Hi again, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,