eM Client Oauth

My email provider, ATT/Yahoo, is moving to Oauth.  How/where do I make the changes in eM Clien?

Hi Jerry,

The first question is  - What does ATT/Yahoo require for email clients. like eM Client?
Do they require an App password ?
If so, then you fill that in for eM Client instead of your present password for your Yahoo mail.
Time to check ATT/Yahoo security settings.

For webmail you can still use your existing password.
Must have been  explained in the notice.

For me it happened 2 years ago…


It is not possible to change this setting manually. Once they have enabled Oauth you will need to remove your ATT/Yahoo account from eM Client, then add it again. The application will detect the correct settings from the server.

Note that this only applies to IMAP connections and even then it is not mandatory to change. If you are using POP3 or want to remain with your current settings, there is nothing you need to do.

I’m not sure I understand all you are saying.  Connecting to email via eM Client needs the server connection info and email account userid/password.  I’m not sure what app password is.  Time to check att/yahoo security settings? The notice listed several email clients capable of Oauth, eM Client wasn’t among them.  Nothing was explained on how to do it.

Thanks, now it makes sense

Hi Gary,
Thanks _Different regions/countries > different rules. (?)

My instructions came from my ISP, - afilliated with Yahoo
not unlike ATT/Yahoo.

I had to use an app password for both - POP and IMAP
My wife uses POP - I use IMAP , That’s why I know…

But never mind - maybe too many differences - also in mail client.

BTW -my changes were mandatory - or no connection…

I don’t think that is Oauth, which by definition means access without password.