EM Client Not Syncing with Windows 8/GMAIL

I am running EM Client 6 under Windows 8. EM Client has been set up to synchronize with my Gmail account.

The synchronization setting has been set to 1 minute.

I have to exit EM Client and restart it to force a synchronization. It is not synchronizing on a 1 minute interval.

Can any provide an assist as to how to fix this problem with the EM Client/Gmail/WIndows 8 stack?

I would not set the ‘synchronization interval’ to 1 minute…I assume that downloading/uploading e-mail can take more than 1 minute…you don’t want to start another ‘round of synchronization’ while eM Client is already busy with synchronization.

Hi, try altering synchronization interval to 10 - 15 minutes, if you are running on IMAP it will be still instant, but you will not receive errors that server rejects your connection.