eM Client not syncing with mobile email

I set up a new computer with the paid version of eM Client. It no longer syncs with my mobile email. Example, if I read, delete, move, etc., it doesn’t affect the emails on my computer in any way. The new computer will not download more than 6 months of previous emails either. Everything would sync on my old computer with the free version of eM Client. Is there a setting I am missing?

Except for the limitation of 2 email accounts in the free version, it is identical to the paid version.  eM Client is also not capable of syncing only a certain timeframe of emails, it syncs them all (assuming IMAP).  How did you set up the new account-- IMAP or POP3?  If you used POP3, it will not sync with the server, it will just download new emails to your inbox.  As a result, anything you do on your mobile device will not appear in eM Client.

To check on the protocol, go to menu/tools/account and see if there is an “IMAP” or “POP3” tab.

It is set up as imap. All of the settings are identical to the ones on the other computer with the free version. It’s just that this one is not syncing any changes at all.

If you make a change in eM Client, is it reflected on your mobile device?  Or, a better question, is it reflected in your webmail account?  Who is your email provider?

After deleting and reinstalling the account, everything seems to be syncing just fine. emClient, mobile mail and gmail on the web.

Glad to hear it!