eM Client not syncing changes made on other devices

Good day to all of you!

OK, as the title says… eM Client is failing to reflect changes made on other devices and Gmail directly.

Sometimes it fails to add a tag in eM after I have added a tag to an email from my Gmail app on my phone as well as directly in Gmail.

Also failing to archive emails that have been sent to their labels by another device or directly in Gmail web.

I have tried shutting down the computer and rebooting to see if that would work, with of course also force closing eM and also simply just logging out… none of that matters… once eM has decided not to sync those certain emails, the only way to move or tag them is directly from eM so it will be reflected in eM…

I have also tried to put the items back into the Inbox… let eM perform a sync so it would see it in the Inbox on the server… move the item or add/change the label and see if eM would then make a change… no dice… once an email fails to be moved by eM as it should, eM will never again reflect changes to that email not made directly in eM.

I have tried contacting VIP support (yeah I made the mistake of paying before doing much testing) but have not had any luck. When I TRY to login to eM support, it says my email is not recognized and there is no way of contacting support… so I’m out $30 bucks for shitty software