eM Client not sending emails for calendar invites and other oddities

While testing eM Client to see if it would be a good replacement for Thunderbird at our company,  I have noticed the following:

When creating an event to a shared calendar, eM Client does not send email invitations to the participants.  When creating an event to the same calendar with Thunderbird, email invitations are sent to the participants.  Is there some setting that needs to be enabled to send meeting invitations?  This is with version 7.0.27943.0.  I am using the free license until we decide to purchase.  We are using the official calendar built into a synology diskstation.

It appears that in events created with eM Client the organizer is invalid.  Thunderbird shows “nobody@invalid.invalid” for the organizer.

I deleted an event from the calendar and still got a notification for it a few hours later.

Opening the Contacts window I see three columns - Full Name, File As, and Email.  Right clicking on a column and selecting Column Configuration, I add more columns and click OK.  None of the new columns show up.  Going back into the column configuration and its back to showing only the three original columns.  I don’t have a problem configuring the contacts when accessed through the sidebar, just when going to the Contacts in Menu/Tools or CTRL-B.

One thing that would be nice would be to have the ability to archive emails manually without having to go into settings.  Also, more customization on the archive location.  With Thunderbird, we can set it to archive into folders by year and month Archive/2016/01 ,  Archive/2016/02 , Archive/2016/03, etc.


Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Below please see comments on the points that you raised:

The way calendar invitations work is that if the server sends out information that it can do advanced scheduling (where the events are added directly into calendar), it proceeds according to that. If such information isn’t detected, it should ask whether you want to send out e-mails.
If neither of these options happens, we would ask you to turn on CalDAV logs for the relevant account so we can have a closer look. Please go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Logging and turn on logging for ‘CalDAV’ for the relevant account. Reproduce your problem and turn eM Client off. Afterwards please go to a folder where the logs are saved (default location is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Logs), choose the logs that have relevant date in their name and send it to hester@emclient.com with a link to this thread. We’ll examine the issue and will be able to advise further.
If you’re able to provide a test account, we’ll be happy to test out the behavior and see what happens.

As for the issues with organizer and the Contact window – there have indeed been some issue in the 7.0 version, they have however been fixed in the 7.1 version, currently available as Beta. You can download the Beta at your own risk from here: http://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-7.1-beta-154
Of course, we strongly recommend creating a backup of your 7.0 database before you install the eM Client 7.1 beta update as a safety precaution to prevent any accidental data loss. Downgrading back to 7.0 without a 7.0 backup will not be possible

When you say calendar notification, do you mean a reminder? Is this on the sinology diskstation calendar? Could you please describe the situation in more details (how exactly was the event created, when was the reminder supposed to pop up, etc.) so we can try to reproduce the issue, since we haven’t been successful yet?

As for expanding the options for local archiving, that is something that is something we are eventually planning on implementing.

Thank you,