eM client not POP3 downloading e-mail in Gmail Trash folder?


in eM client 8.0.2951 i am downloading e-mail using POP3 from Gmail account, it seems to be working, except now i see that in Gmail webmail i have e-mail in trash folder (maybe placed there using my custom Gmail filters?).

But these e-mails i am unable to find in eM Client mail folders.

So is eM client downloading e-mail from trash or how to make it download or discover why it does not download it?

Thank You

Hi so POP3 by design only downloads emails to the inbox. If you want to see and sync items in your trash, you should try re-adding your account using IMAP protocol


I do not think this is an option for me since i think that the IMAP kind of access do not allow me to keep my Gmail account empty. What i want to achieve is to store mail on my computer and do not leave anything (except maybe Junk) in Gmail. As a workaround i adjusted gmail filters so the mail is not placed to trash.

If someone have idea how to download Trash mail via POP3 or via IMAP and do not keep it on server, please post.

You could try using IMAP and setting up rules in eM Client that move all your messages, including those in Trash, from the server to your local folders when you connect.

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Good idea, BUT i spent some minutes trying to find out how to compose a Rule for this, but i can not find rule based on directory. like mail from directory x move to directory y. For exaple i want to move Inbox directory mail to local Inbox, Trash mail to local trash and so on.

By the way we are at this moment trying to do some jerky hack, while i do not understand why POP3 not download mail from Trash at the first place. It is weird.

As far as I know, POP3 was designed only to download messages from a server inbox to your local client. So the fact that it does not retrieve your Trash messages is not a bug or missing feature, but just something that POP3 was never designed to do.

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You probably want to set up the rules like this. Make sure you’re picking the option for “Local Rules” and then pick the option for “Apply custom rule on messages I recieve”

local rules

Your image does not speciffy the source folder, only destination folder… so i assume it can not be used for my purpose because it will put IMAP inbox, IMAP trash etc. in common local directory, which is unwanted (want trash to local trash, inbox to local inbox, etc.)

The source isn’t a folder, it’s when the email message is received. i.e. when it arrives to your inbox.

If you want the rule to apply to items already in your inbox, you need to set up the rule as I showed you, then right-click on your inbox folder and select “apply rule”.

Or alternatively, just use CTRL + A to select all your messages in your inbox and drag them to the Local folder inbox.

:angry: it was said already that POP3 download Inbox, not trash, so i would use IMAP, but it keeps mail on server which is unwanted. So it was suggested to use eM client rules to move IMAP mail to appropriate local directories. But you continue to fail to explain how “preserve folders” as i explined 2 times already what i want. Now for the third time: if on server some mails are trashed, then i want eM to download these mails to local trash folder. Your suggestions does not cover that if i am correct. Your suggestions are quite offtopic in this regard and only give fake impression it may solve the issue. Did you read what i want to achieve before posting alot of posts? Or i confused the things?

If you remove an email from an IMAP folder (inbox, trash, whatever) and put in a Local Folder instead, it will remove it from the server.

i know. offcourse i need this automated, not do it manually from time to time or every time mail arrive.