Em client not launching since last update

Hi there, does someone else have this issue ?
I updated my free em client and it does not launch anymore.
It looks like it’s loading for a few second, I find it in the task manager but it disapears quickly and nothing else happens.The version of the file in my program files is 9.2.2157.0 and is dated to October the 10th. Maybe the last update didn’t succeed ? It looked like it when I launched it.
I have rebooted my laptop several times since but it does not seem help.
Thank you.

  1. Close and uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete the database folder when asked. That will ensure all your data and settings are there later.

  2. If it exists, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client folder.

  3. Download and install the latest version from here: https://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi

  4. Restart eM Client.

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Thank you, I didn’t know I could keep the database while uninstalling. It worked.