eM Client not fully downloading inbox

Hi – I’m new to all of this, after many years of using yahoo mail only online.

My only goal is to back up fifteen years worth of email locally. However, the syncing seems to come in fits and starts – a few hundred old messages are downloaded, then no change for days, then a couple thousand more, then stalled again. There are still many thousands of messages on yahoo’s server that have not been synced, and the total hasn’t changed in several days.

What can I do to force eM Client to keep syncing until it has everything?

Grateful for any advice…

Sorry I can’t help regrading the technical aspects of syncing between eM Client and Yahoo (I never used the latter). However, have you considered exporting all of your email structure from Yahoo to back it up and use it with any email service outside of Yahoo (including eM Client of course?
I’m not saying this option would be better than syncing your account directly in eM Client, but it might be useful if anything else fails.

Thanks, Son-of-A-Gun… I’ll follow your advice.

I’m not sure how one exports “email structure”, though – can you provide a little guidance on what that means?

Like I said I don’t use Yahoo. However, if it offers what Gmail does, you’ll be able not only to backup a single email or a contact but export your whole mailbox, either as an archiving security measure or to import it from another email app. I hope a user on this forum could help you fixing this.

Thanks – that’s good to know! I’ll poke around on the yahoo website and see if there’s some utility there. Pushing works as well as pulling…

Re: Taking alongtime to download mail to an IMAP client.

According to the Yahoo website it can sometimes take several days to download all your mail depending on how much mail you have in your Yahoo folders in your account. They also recommend if you have large amounts of mail in certain Yahoo folders, to move some messages to other folders in your Yahoo account.

See Yahoo website documentation link below.


“For accounts with a lot of content, it can take several days or longer to download everything”

“Limitations for large folders - Folders containing upwards of 100 thousand or more emails may have issues downloading all the messages. To resolve this, move some of the email to a new folder in your account”


Thanks, Cyberzork! I’ll give that a try.