eM Client not displaying calibrated monitor colors correctly

I recently upgraded my system from Win 7x64 to Win 10 Pro. Everything went smoothly except now eM Client will not display colors accurately. My monitor is calibrated accurately for critical photo processing with X-Rite software. It displays fine in other software and did display correctly with eM Client in Win 7, but I can find no way to get it to display correctly now in Win 10. I have looked through all the eM Client settings and can find nothing that tells it to use my color calibrated profile that loads into Win 10. Is there any way for me to get this working properly?

Much appreciated

I think that emClient is not a software that is designed to show calibated colors. Many applications don’t do that, those who do are typically graphical software that has an option to activate a calibrated display – which is time consuming.

In an email client like emClient I personally do not expect a calibrated view of images. I want to have a glimpse look on them that determines over further processing or not. If I want a calibrated display of images I open the image with a software I am sure of doing this properly. This is in no means emClient.

Well, I completely disagree. I deal with a lot publishers and editors and we need to see the images with proper colours in the emails I send back and forth. Besides, this is the first time any email client I have used does not use the colours as calibrated in the Windows LUT. Also, eM Client worked fine for me in Win 7x64, so why is it not displaying the same in Win 10? If eM Client is going to be advertised as a top email client and recommended for professional use, then it should be able to at least recognize the colour calibration profiles saved in Windows.

Regardless, I did not post here to get into a debate about email clients usage. I simply wanted to know if eM Client had anyway to display colours correctly; and, based on what you have said, apparently it does not with Win 10.

Off to demo other email software now and hopefully find something that does work for me. :slight_smile:

In my Win10proX64 setup emClient shows images identical to the display in software with bindingly calibrated display. Nevertheless, emClient is in no means a software I would trust to colors, displayed in there.

To give you a concrete answer: I can not say, that your described behavior is typical. In my place it seems to work but I can not say why. I can only exclude that emClient has a switch that could be used to disable a general calibration. So you probably should search the reason outside emClient which has no advantage or reason to modify image display. Possibly only an image-depth reduction for faster display which would match my targets, but I do not expect that.

@Tim_Zurowski As a professional user, please make use of your Pro License VIP Support option, and open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.