eM Client not connecting

Since updating to v.9.2.1222 eM Client will not connect to my ISP’s mail server. Diagnostics show eM Client doesn’t recognize the server’s digital certificate. Noting has changed in the eM Client setup parameters for POP3 & SMTP and diagnostics will not fix the SMTP connection. This problem happened once before with eM Client and it was due to an expired digital certificate. The current certificate from the server is valid through 6/2023. eM Client diagnostics fixed the POP3 connection, but can’t fix the SMTP connection and all attempts to connect to the mail server fail. How to fix this?

Diagnostic error message: The host name does not match the name specified in the certificate. eM Client diagnostics think the server name is “mx2.buckeyecom.net” and it is configured as “mail.buckeye-express.com”.

This means the certificate your email provider holds on their server is incorrect. You will need to ask them to fix it.

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Gary: yes, the digital certificate appears have been the problem. I did an online chat session with a Tech, from my ISP and everything in eM Client was set up correctly. He was unable to get Thunderbird to connect from his end also. Oddly enough, the ISP’s web mail application worked via FireFox and Chrome as did Apple mail on my iPhone. The Tech. took the issue forward and this morning eM Client was able to once again connect to the mail service the ISP uses. This service had a similar issue last year with an expired certificate, but it’s still better mail service than what TuCows used to provide to this ISP.