eM Client not connecting to AOL Mail because of new security procedure

We received email from AOL Mail stating that they were putting new login security effective 12/1. Ours stopped logging in last night. They gave a process for many systems but not eM Client. They did include a process for (Others). Is anyone using AOL Mail since they became host for Verizon email system many years ago. Unfortunately our computer ability is limited so need help. There must be others that use AOL Mail.

Please help

What exactly is the “process for (Others)”?

process mail via Other Applications

  1. If possible, use the AOL app or mail.aol.com. Since AOL owns these services, we can ensure you’re always using the most secure sign-in technology when accessing your email.
  2. If you’d prefer to continue using your non-AOL email application, try removing and re-adding your account. Look for the AOL logo when you go to set it up again to activate the secure sign-in method.
  3. If removing and re-adding your account does not work, generate a third-party app password to access your account.

Looking at the AOL instructions, I would then generate the App password (via their website) after you enable 2 step verification, and then manually all your mail account in eM Client via using the “Add Other” option.

Click Menu / Tools / Accounts.
Click the Add New Account (+) icon.
Click Mail to expand options and click Other.

You will then need to manually enter your AOL IMAP or POP details with your AOL account name and “App password” you setup.

(AOL IMAP & POP account settings)


(AOL / Verizon IMAP & POP settings)


I also have the same problem-yesterday no email at all.
Today I got the 3rd party app password thing after logging into AOL account.
I use a program called Mailwasher to collect all my emails from a couple gmail acounts and verizon.
Lo and behold Mailwasher retrieved 137 emails from yesterday and today. I was happy.
I have EMclient set up in Mailwasher using pop verizon net & smtp verizon net with ports 995 and 465.
Using the new password mailwasher connects to the server.
However when I launch EM client from Mailwasher, it cannot pull the emails into my inbox nor can I send outgoing emails from EM.

I get an “unexpected end of stream” error log from EM while trying to connect to server xxxx.verizon.net.