eM Client not closing correctly

I’m new to eM Client, so forgive me if this question has been asked before, although I can’t find this specific one having been asked recently.

I exit the Programme (Menu > File > Exit), as I do all that are running before I shut down my PC but, on re-start, I always get the attached Window.

I note other Posts here refer to conflicts with Antivirus, I have Norton 365 running.

Any advice for a cure to this issue would be much appreciated, please note that I am a “tech layman”, so please respond with step-by-step instructions.

Thank you.


After closing the application, em Client takes its sweet time to do whatever it deems neccessary to its database. If you shut down windows during that process, you get the result that you are describing. But no harm is done: the time emClient didn’t have before closing Windows it just adds at the next start to check its database. You can avoid that by closing emClient by hitting the X on the top right. Then the app window stays open until the database is checked. But there are also complaints in this forum about the slow shutting down using this method.
I think we have to live with this phenomenon until the next version. If you have a pro license, open a support ticket; maybe you’ll get an intermediate version, where this behaviour is fixed.

Thank you, that’s very clear. I tend to use the Exit provided in all Apps as the Provider has put it there for a good reason. I’ll give my PC a few minutes to “cool” in the future. Otherwise, I’m finding eM Client extremely good!

This issue was much improved in recent versions. If you are not using the latest, you can download it from http://www.emclient.com/release-history

I am getting the same error; and this is after closing by clicking the top right X.  I have the latest version.  I would like to see a correction in the next version…Bill  18/11/3

Can one just say how to close it properly ! This is ridiculous! Sorry!

Hello Hans-Eckart,

Follow this procedure:

Menu > File > Exit.

NOTE: I have been told that you must wait a minute before shutting down your PC to allow some sort of data backup to occur. If you forget, don’t worry as the same will happen when you next log in to eM Client.

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Thanks Sean.
This is exactly what I do every day. But it still says “not closed down correctly”

What version of eM Client are you using Hans?

Also, you can check after closing the application the way Sean mentioned, that there are no eM Client processes still running in your Windows Task Manager.

Hi Hans-Eckart,

Ok, I’m just a User of the product, I was explaining what I have learnt in the past. The instruction from pefunk above worked for me.

There is a link - http://www.emclient.com/release-history - which is quoted above, alternatively, I suggest that you ask a new question as this string is quite long and the Moderators may not see your problem.

All the best,