EM client not able to work with working Skype 4.2 on Windows 7 x64

EMClient does not communicate with working skype installation on windows 7 x64. The message to allow emclient access to skype never appears (in skype). However skype is able to work with other external clients such as pamfax, indicating the problem may be with em client.

The problem is that eM Client on x64 Windows acts as 64-bit application and Skype doesn’t support access to its API from 64-bit applications.

Hi Filip,

Thanks for the response. I have the same problem. I suppose we need a fix from Skype. Is there any idea when this will happen?


Me too! i got x64 and would love skype integration!

I believe that we can run 32-bit eM Client on x64 Windows to get Skype integration running. Ask developers how to do this.

Yes it is possible, but must be compiled for 32bits only. We are considering this option.

Skype 5.2 vs Win7x64 same problem

You can force eMclient to work 32-bit app. in 64-bit OS. Tutorial on demand, tested.

The way Skype interoperates with other programs was changed in last Skype versions/updates so it doesn’t work with eM Client currently. We plan to implement the interoperation using other way and it will be available with one of the next updates.

Latest version of eM Client (4.0.14479 as of this writing) uses a new way to communicate with Skype that should work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.