eM Client no longer synching properly with Gmail

There was no security message.

Suddenly, on ALL my Gmail accounts, my SPAM folders (while synching) to receive SPAM mail no longer seems to be synching with my Gmail account(s) after I delete them within eM Client. I must delete them within Gmail only. This is new and it was working fine before.

I will add this only happens with the SPAM folder. If I send test emails and they end up in my INBOX the synching is fine. So this isn’t a browser caching issue.

Try right clicking on the Gmail “All Mail” folder and click properties at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” Tab at the top right and try running the repair to rebuild the local cache folders. This can take time to do.

Failing that i would “Remove and Re-add your Gmail account” that has the Spam synching problem.

Note:- Before removing the Gmail account, click “Menu / Backup” incase you need to restore.

Thanks. The repair feature didn’t help. I noticed also my TRASH is also impacted on ALL my Gmail accounts.

I’m going to speculate that Google changed something and it’s affecting synching within eM Client as this hasn’t impacted any of my other email clients on mobile devices like Spark.

Oh, removing my Gmail accounts didn’t solve the issue either. Perhaps eM Client will issue an update at some point.

eM Client latest versions work fine with Gmail accounts. I and my bro have Gmail and other IMAP accounts using eM Client V8.1x

Sounds like you might have an older version of EMC or your database might be possibly corrupted. Check via the version history page. https://www.emclient.com/release-history

If you already have the latest version of eM Client, uninstall it completely and delete your database and then reinstall eM Client. As above do a backup first via “Menu / Backup” incase you have to restore.

Thanks. What’s the point of doing a backup if my database is corrupted? And why only my Gmail accounts? I have the latest version: 8.1.1060.0.

There’s no way I’m going to uninstall and reinstall eM Client, I’ll just switch back to Mozilla Thunderbird. I have way too many email accounts and I have never encountered such an issue before with TB (but there are others).

If eM Client’s database is so [selectively] and easily corrupted, then there’s some serious programming issues with the software and application.

Just an update. I used Windows native feature of Add/Remove Programs and the option to “Repair” was there. I clicked repair and after a minute or so, I rebooted. Now the Gmail issue is fixed. I wonder how many more times this will happen (again)?

Oh great you got it fixed :slight_smile:

Same problem in January 2022.