eM Client needs 4 - 6 Minutes to start

Hi eM-Client-Forum,

when I start eM Client immediately after Windows boot, it needs 4 to 6 minutes until welcome screen appears. During this time, the process “eM Client (32 Bit)” appears as background process in task manager. Once, eM Client started, I can finish and restart it in normal time.

This happens since this morning. Up to now everything worked fine for years.

My system: i7 / 2TB SSD / 16GB RAM / eM Client 8.2.1659 (845a639), Windows 11 professional Version 21H2 (Build 22000.556).

Thank you in advance for any tip.


Is there an eM Client backup running after you start Windows?

That can happen if the backup is scheduled for a time when the device was powered off. Then immediately on starting the backup will run, during which time you can’t start the eM Client UI.

Funnily enough, I posted about the exact same thing.
eM Client takes 5-10 minutes to load! - eM Client
Nobody replied to that!
This is still happening. I hope someone can help solve this.

Gary, I don’t use the eM Client backup. Nothing changed in my eM Client settings since long time.
Could it be a Win 11 issue? I started eM Client in compatibility mode for Win 11. That didn’t solve this problem.

eM Client has been working fine for me on windows 11 during the last year. This is something, just like you, that has only started happening for me after years of trouble free eM Client use.
For the record, I booted in Safe Mode with Networking, and eM Client started up OK.

If it starts up normally at other times, but not at a particular time which is different from the other times, then it is probably the thing that makes it different that is causing the problem, not the thing that remains constant. Now, when you start your computer, leave emclient alone. Run task manager. Sort by cpu usage. When the cpu usage drops below 10% (after all, nothing else is supposed to be running), then start emclient. How long does it take?

By sorting with the highest cpu usage on top, you can see what is happening.

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Yes. You’ll also be able to see information regarding disk usage and network usage in T/M.

I know, that Windows needs a few minutes after boot until CPU-/Disk-/Network-Load decrease. Someone called it Bill-Gates-Memorial-Minutes. I get me a coffee during this time and don’t start any Software.
In short: That is not the issue, that we are discussing here.
I have a fast computer, every software starts as quickly as possible and eM Client did so, too, until yesterday morning.

Silvernerd1, does it start OK if you go into Safe Mode with Networking? It does for me.
Maybe it’s a startup app/service update that’s causing our issue.


It looks so. But only the eM Client developers can figure out the reason for this error.

There are 2 measures I took meanwhile.

  1. I deactivated all autostart software.
  2. I upgraded from eM Client v8 to v9.

Both measures didn’t solve the problem: The first start of eM Client after booting Windows still lasts 4 - 6 Minutes. :slightly_frowning_face:

Tbh, I am quite unhappy about this situation. I, like you, have been a loyal customer of eM Client over quite a few years, and have always paid the upgrade fee. Now, when we can’t get our software to work, we have the choice of paying even more for a support question, or wait for some help here, which doesn’t seem to be happening.
A side question, do you get access to customer support if you upgrade to v9? If so, you could try that route now that you have upgraded and report back.

Got the same problem since two days on Win11. eM Client does take minutes after boot to launch and even after that it stopped responding and just crashed. Updating to v9 helped with the crash, but it still takes a very long time to start. worked flawless before. i dont know what changed.

Same issue for me. Currently, the blue circle is wirring and I am waiting again for it to become responsive.
This has just started happening in the last day…

I notice my Anti-malware (Win 11) is using a lot of resources. Maybe scanning?

I have the suspicion that it is due to functionalities of a (software) firewall.

Yesterday I tested Portmaster ( Safing Portmaster ) under Windows 11 Pro 21H2 22000.588, the software still in alpha status.

Everything works, only the eM Client 9.0.1361.0 does not start. C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe hangs in the task manager, nothing appears on the screen. (I did not wait for minutes but terminated the MailClient.exe process).

Uninstalled Portmaster, restarted PC.
eM Client hangs again at the first start.
Process MailClient.exe terminated.
eM Client runs again as usual.

Let’s hope the best, that the eM Client developers find a solution for this issue. I don’t have the time for trial and error testing …

Same problem. After starting, the MailClient.exe process is hanging 4 minutes and run normal. Windows 11 21H2 (Build 22000.556) + eM Client 9.0.1361.0

Same issue,
Windows 11 22000.556
em Client 8.2.1659 (845a639)

  • Can’t access e-mails (they keep loading), em Client crashes after some clicking

For the delay starting eM Client, can you please completely disable Windows Defender and the Windows Firewall, then try start eM Client.

I don’t think this is the same issue. This thread is about a delay starting eM Client caused by recent updates in the Windows 11 OS.