eM client mobile version not syncing or downloading

I have 2 pro versions one on my laptop and office computer paid for and have had similar issues with them as I’ve now had with the mobile version. I install it and setup my Gmail accounts and select to go to the default email inbox upon opening and to download the message and and all attachments. As I run email software which checks it upon download. So it will update and work great for a few times and then by the next day it gives notices of emails incoming and when I check them, they are not downloading or loaded anywhere in any folder. I’ve tried everything to get it to work shy of uninstalling and reinstalling and going through the whole darn process again. This has happened on my paid for pro versions as well but seems to work longer before it decides to completely not function again. I have deleted the caches, and data files. I have gone to Gmail and checked my data levels all are fine but I even would delete the older emails to make sure it’s not to big of a download and when I reinstall I’m only going back and syncing for the last 2 weeks to a month tops. I don’t have a tremendous amount of emails but can’t figure out why this happens?
I use my Samsung email and Gmail email and they fly when syncing and downloading emails with no hiccups or problems. I’m currently running a 3Gb fiber-optic internet and consistently run over a 1 GB download and upload speeds, so, internet speed is a total none issue. Although this mobile app and the desktop app are totally buggy. At first it worked really well but I have noticed more stalling and then it stops syncing with the mobile and similar but not as bad with the desktop version.
Any suggestions or help would be very appreciated as I don’t have time to reinstall the app for emails and if I’m left to use other apps then purchasing a lifetime version was a waste of money.
Thank you I appreciate your help.