EM Client Meeting Invites: External Participants / Users Not Receiving Join Links and Description


I’m encountering an issue when sending online meeting invitations using the latest version of EM Client. It appears that most recipients who use MS Outlook or Apple Mail don’t receive a join link with the invite.

Additionally, the “Description” I add doesn’t appear in the invitation body for the recipients.

Can you guide me through this? Currently, I have to send the meeting details, including the link, separately to all invitees each time.

Is there something I might be overlooking?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can create an online meeting of this type and add me as a participant using my address [email protected]

I will be able to see how the message is received in eM Client and some other email applications.

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the instruction. I’ll set up an online meeting and add you via the provided address to test the message reception in eM Client and other email apps.


It appears just fine in the invitation emails in eM Client and Thunderbird, because both applications give a preview of the ics attachment. In Apple Mail they only show the ics attachment icon without a preview. I guess that MS Outlook is the same. When you add that to your calendar, it displays everything that should be there.

thank you for your quick feedback, i will re-evaluate with my clients why they don’t have the meeting credentials in their calendar.