eM Client Mac + Licencing

As has been briefly discussed on this support forum, the Mac (OSX) version of eM Client is due for release sometime this year. Can I ask how the licensing will work in that case?

I have both a windows machine and a couple of OSX machines and would like to run eM Client on each one however I would prefer to not pay for three lifetime licenses.

Can the support team please provide some clarification on this?


Hi, details regarding mac version are not decided yet, however the licensing should remain it’s current features an behavior, eM Client has a strict one license per computer policy. Licenses issued are transferable, so it’s possible you should be able to transfer your PC license to your Mac, but you won’t be able to use a single license on multiple computers simultaneously.

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Hi Paul,

That’s a shame, I enjoyed using eM Client. Time to find a new app.