eM Client losing free license

Every few weeks eM client loses the license. I get a popup message saying "eM Client doesn’t have a valid license. You may access your off-line data, […] "
I am using em client v6.0.24144.0 on Windows 8.1 on an intel desktop PC (i5-2400, asus z75 mb).

I have 2 accounts on it, one is a hotmail one with my own domain (free), other is a yahoo mail plus that is disabled. Both are set to IMAP. I disabled the yahoo mail one because more often than not I get pop-up message saying “Unauthorized” (few times every day). Perhaps this is a provider issue, but Thunderbird seems to work better if not perfect with the account (some authentication errors, but much more rare).

I did see the similar topic from 2 years ago but I was not sure which is better, resurrect a 2 year old thread or open a new topic for the same problem, both are usually frowned upon. :slight_smile:

Hi Endre,
I can just assure you that making a new thread is much better than reviving one from 2 or more years back, as usually the problems might not even be the same thing and it just creates extra notifications for the original poster.
As for your issue, the problem is with your license, not your accounts. Unfortunately I can find no registered license under the email you have here on the forum, so I cannot check the state of it. Are you perhaps using your license on more than one device?



I have the same problem but I’m using emClient on three devices and I think this is the couse of the problem. Am I right Olivia Rust? My question is - if I buy PRO license will it be able to use emClient on more than one device (with the same email account). Is the license sined to specific machine or to email account?


Hi Olivia

Actually I just discovered I have 2 accounts on this site, the license is issued to this one (endre@***.eu).
It is the only 1 pc where I am using eM Client. From work pc I simply use web UI to access my emails, I also use mobile phone where I am using the regular Microsoft, Yahoo, Google etc. mail clients. I have never added the license key to a different installation, as far as I can remember. Nowadays when it happens I know that I only need to find my license key and paste it in again and it works, still, perhaps it’s a bug, not to mention a bit annoying. Hasn’t happened since I posted here, actually (happens relatively regularly, happened perhaps say, 7-8 times in total over a period of several months, didn’t keep records it’s just an educated guess).

Hi Mariusz,
you can have only one FREE license registered under one email address. There is no limit on purchasing PRO accounts for the same address.
A license can always be active on only one device, or you will encounter the invalid error message each time, so you need one license per device. If you have 3 computers, you can have a FREE license on one and then buy 2 more licenses for the others.
The price per license goes down with each additional one, you can check out our price calculator on our website: http://www.emclient.com/purchase


Hi Endre,
you are registered under a gmail account here on the forums, so I really can’t guess the address under which your license actually is. If you do not want to share that address here on the forum, you can message me at rust@emclient.com, but without knowing it, I cannot check the state of your license. If you really did not use the same key in another device, there could be a problem with the HW GUID recognition from your device, and once you message me from your registered email I can fix it for you.


I have the same problem that I am asked for a license every now and then. My free eM Client account is registered for ineu@hotmail.com

Just to clear this up, the problem in this case has been in the HW GUID recognition, which can be only solved from our side on the licensing server.

Hi Ingo,
the issue with your license is the same as Endre’s above, your computer is sometimes sending only part of its Hardware GUID, which is then recognized as 2 devices.
I marked this as such on our licensing server and you should not experience this problem anymore.


Hi Olivia,

it just happened again!