eM Client Logs Folder

I have 2,319 WM Tracing Logs in AppData\Roaming\eM Client going back to August 2017. This is a new Windows 10 Pro computer purchased January 16, 2019. 

I also have:
* 61 dated.log files going back to April 2014 at 456kb each,
* 3,138 Auth.logs (0kb)
* 1 cef.log (206kb)
* 1 sqlite.log (204kb). 

None of the boxes in Menu\Tools\Settings\Advanced\Logging are ticked.

The total size of the Logs folder is 17MB.  My hard drive is s a 256GB SSD, so I need to keep disk usage as low as possible.  Does anyone know if I can safely delete all logs prior to the current one, or at least prior to January 16?