Em Client license stuck in demo mode

Em Client tells me that Im in demo mode and to enter my license.  I go to get the free license, it tells me a license has already been issued for my email account, I click on resend license but I never get the mail.  Not in junk, nowhere.  Anyone any ideas?  thanks

have you changed email address’s since you set this up.  if you have you will need to check you old email.  if not check your spam / junk after you resend it.   

No, its the same email address.  Nothing in the spam folders either.
Its quite annoying and strange to say Im in demo mode but wont resend the license that apparently has been issued.

double check your SMTP settings.  also if you are suing gmail make sure you have IMAP enables on the gmail site

yeah I’ve tried it all.  Im totally bamboozled! but thanks for your help

If you wanted me to I could remote in and fix it for you.  there will be a charge for this as this is what I do for a living

Thats ok wabraham, I think I just wont use Em Client.  Will set up another client.
thanks again!

Hi Mal,

You can send me an email to: markosky@emclient.com with a link to this thread and we can figure this out.


Thanks Russel, mail sent!