eM Client License Manager for a new Purchase

I have purchased a multilicense for 10 users with lifetime upgrades. But I am an old client of emClient. How to have the latest purchase on my License Manager interface?

To use the new lifetime upgrades license you will need to activate it on your version 7 device.

Just go to Menu > Help > License and click on Deactivate to remove the version 7 license. Then click on Activate and paste in your new license key. Once that is done, eM Client will offer you an upgrade to version 9.

I already have intsalled 9.2 version. As mentioned I am an old client.
Would it be enough to do the same operation on the same version?

Maybe I misunderstood. Do you mean that you don’t see the new license in License Manager?

Correct that is what I mean

Can you contact me directly on [email protected]

Hi Gary. The issue is resolved. It took a while to appear but now it’s there. Thank you.

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