eM Client launch password - login failed after updating the application


I have been using the FREE version for over a year and have just added another email account. After that, I set up the password to protect the application before unauthorised access. I did not close the application to see how it works, but when I started to update the application itself (today), the Client was closed and I now cannot open it - it only keeps telling me that my password is wrong.

It is unlikely, although not impossible, that I have simply forgotten the password. I’ve looked through the forum to solve the issue, but found no solution. My questions are the following:

  1. Do I need to reinstall the Client and set it all from scratch?

  2. If so, before I do that, how do I save my database to import it later to the reinstalled application? Is it possible anyway? Unfortunately, I cannot find my database of emails on my computer - the folder Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client is empty (I have also checked for hidden files, there aren’t any).

  3. By the way, if I decided to become a PRO user right now, what would you be able to offer to solve this issue? I have been thinking of becoming one anyway, so perhaps this situation may help me to make the move at last!

Many thanks for your assistance.

I have a similar if not the same problem–and I recorded my activation key, which I have had to use many times. But today it did not work. What gives?

Hello Damian,

If it’s the startup password protecting your database, then you’d have to remember it as we don’t store these passwords. If you don’t remember it, starting with a clean database would be a solution. 
Together with the PRO licence, you’ll get an access to out pro Support page where you can create tickets and our colleagues will help you with any issue asap. 


Hello Russel,

Thank you! Luckily, I had my database stored somewhere else than in the default location and the reinstall was not too much hassle! Everything sorted, thanks again!