eM Client keeps prompting me to reactivate license.

My eM Client is working properly; except that everytime I shut down my PC and boot it up again, it will keep prompting me to reactivating my license which is a bit irritating. How do I get rid of that. I only get that on one of my PC, while the rest do not seem to have this issue. I updated to the latest version of the client, but this does not resolve the issue. Am using Windows 8.1, client version 6.0.19690.0. Thanks.

Hi, do you have one license activated on multiple devices?



Thanks for your reply. I only have one PC using eM Client. I am still experiencing the issue, and I think it has gotten worse recently. For most of time, the reactivation prompt will keep appearing and sometimes, when I launch eM Client, it will prompt me that I do not have a valid license and to resolve this, I will need to close the application and launch it again. If this does not work, I will need to reboot my PC. I really like this e-mail client, but the license issue is getting a bit annoying though. Appreciate if you would be able to assist in this matter. Thanks.

Hi Yen,

You write “I only get that on one of my PC, while the rest do not seem to have this issue” —> that seems to implicate that you have multiple PC’s running eM Client.

How many licenses do you have for eM Client?

Maybe you entered by accident the same registration code which you already had used on one of your other PC’s?

I have only one license; and also have eM Client installed on just this one PC. The rest are using Outlook or other clients.

Hi, please contact me on [email protected] together with this topic’s url in message body.


We have found that one free license has been activated on multiple devices, so I am marking this as “not a problem”.