eM Client keeps asking to reactivate

Hi I have a similar issue as Dutchy in this topic


I found the answer by searching.

I have a paid copy of emclient through Softmaker Office Pro and have been using it on my desktop and my laptop. eMclient ask to be reactivated nearly every week on one or the other of the computers.

From reading the topic, I guess I need to make the copy on my laptop covered by a free licence and just keep the paid one on my desktop.

I have had a look and can’t see how to change the licence details in emclient. Can you tell me please so I can change the laptop copy to a free licence. I prefer not to have to uninstall and reinstall on the laptop if i can help it.


If you have installed eM Client for Softmaker, you cannot activate it by eM Client’s activation keys. I guess you will have to contact Softmaker support or install eM Client and register for free license.