eM Client is super Mozilla Thunderbird alternative

Yesterday, Mozilla Thunderbird started jamming up on me with the index problem. Google showed that folks that had it had no fix. So “help, I need an alternative!” I tried Pegasus and Eudora, and Mulberry, and a few others, rather quickly, but no way to convert my extensive mail to the new proggy. I didn’t find eM until I started searching on exporting thunderbird’s email.

*** eM should be a lot easier to find for folks wanting to change from thunderbird!~!!! ***

Anyway, the suggestion was to use thunderbird extension “smartsave”.
Which doesn’t work on 3.x of thunderbird
So go to thunderbird site and d/l ver 2 of thunderbird (happens to be or some such) and just install it over whatever version you have you have. (at various points I had 3.04, 3.01, and 3.1RC1).
Install the “smartsave” extension.
Export “all messages”, Inbox, and Sent, to a new file. Amazingly this retains the file structure of folders and subfolders!!!
Then, importing that to eM Client is childsplay (choose eml). And it looks exactly like what it did in thunderbird! Love it!

Okay, so then the contact list:
You can export the thunderbird contact list to an ldif file.
I had found several suggestions to use :
but in reading it I thought it just had to do with their special thing. Not so!
When you browse for your ldif file and click submit, IMMEDIATELY a vcard file pops up for you to save and import to eM, which, again, is childsplay.

(see also https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…)

So, bravo to eM, but PLEASE make this easier to find on google as a thunderbird alternative!!!

thanks for describing the import process :slight_smile:
We do hope that eM Client eventually gets the attention we believe it deserves.


yep! It rocks!!!

Yeah, it is…

… at least as long as you don’t use Google Apps, you don’t want to sync Calendars, don’t want to use CalDAV etc.

Because if you want then it is a COMPLETE BUGFEST.

well, it’s quite true I never used tbird for anything other than just mail, so my needs here are very simple!

Complete bugfest is Google’s CalDAV implementation at first place, not eM Client’s.

I do not aggree on this, see below

First of all, i too, want to congratualate you for making this program possible. It is a great help for me and the organisation i work with.

Point for us was we have all IMAP based mail so no trouble there but we have a mac OSX carddav and caldav server wich, unfortunately, are almost impossible to implement in windows. I found eMclient via the carddav implementation site and after some fiddling around it turned out to work great. We bought one license for some-one that needed 9 accounts added (all different caldav calendars) and use 3 free ones for just mail and carddav.

so in reply to slevi don’t know what your bugs are but mine works flawless.
in reply to the poster ofcourse i would advise you to get yourself an IMAP mail server so you got no trouble with mail back-ups but great you found the app :smiley:

Thanks to the team and keep up the good work

Bravo Pieter!!!


eM Client is a COMPLETE BUGFEST, there wasn’t a SINGLE version without some egregious problems and not only in CalDAV - it’s so goddamn broken, I literally gave up on it, turned it off - but in EVERY OTHER BASIC FEATURE starting with Mail.

After several MONTHS you still haven’t fixed

  • the broken Group View (messed-up dates: today, yesterday then the name of yesterday)
  • the total mess Contact manager
  • the constant problems with 'consistency checks" (crappy db implementation?)
  • the erratic slowdowns, phantom error messages etc.

I manage a high-end 3D firm here with 100+ machines, multiple ISP connections load-balanced in a miedum-range Juniper device and my eM Client fails or crashes 10x more in a month than ALL of the other clients I together (mixed Outlook 2007, TB2 and TB 3.1 out there.)
It’s so buggy it’s not even funny, it’s a JOKE - when I get connection problem related error messages at least 3-4 times a day while eM Client is working fine in the background that;'s kinda funny but when it comes to a crawl when opening messages in the preview pane one after another or when I’m trying to create a reply to all… that’s downright pathetic, not funny…

The speed it loads messages is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW - even the worst, buggiest-ever TB version, the older v3.0 was faster at on-demand previewing of messages and current TB3.1 is a lot faster now.

On my quad-core Xeon X5450 3GHz with 4GB RAM it’s far the slowest performing client… again, even the bugefest TB3 outperformed it hands down when it came to first load, opening an email, loading a new email creation window etc.
I tried to introduce eM on several different configurations, one older WS with 2x dual-core CPU w/ 4GB running XP x64, on my previous i7-860 8GB running W7 x64, on a Core 2 Quad 2.xxGHz 4GB running Windows 7 x64, another dual-core 2.xGHz desktop running XP 32-bit…

…and all had similar problems, similar errors, bugs over the course of ~6 months. ALL.


I never tried developing email clients but we have an in-house dev group here and based on what I’ve seen here I have a pretty solid guess: the basic problem is that you built your fancy UI and features on a well-known total bugfest, shitty .NET framework which is fine if you have the firepower (programmers, manhours etc) to properly TEST and DEBUG your products before you release them…

…but you obviously do NOT have these resources.

I suggest to introduce a 2-3 months “freeze” and dedicate EVERYONE to testing and bughunting, fixing problems, creating proper documentations etc.

As for Google Apps; you can keep trashing it as you want but even if we put aside the fact that YOU depend on Google App users not vice versa, it’s still another fact that Google Apps miraculously WORKS with other clients…

…unbelievable, huh?

I was running our own corporate email and IM for many years, I just switched to Google Apps last month - and other than being faster at prewieing messages eM Client was still UTTER BUGFEST.

Ahh and please, save the nonsensical fairy tales about things OSX can do but Window Server cannot - OS X does not even have a proper server version, let alone a truckload of domain-based service that are common for years in PC world.