EM Client is showing users Exchange GUID instead of the user name

If I add a shared mailbox or shared calendar/address book, then I see the user’s GUID instead of their name. This is really confusing for users since they can’t tell which account belongs to who

Hi, do you have any update on this or is this still unresolved issue?

I’m trying to solve this in our company. Thanks!

That is the folder name supplied by the server, so that is what is displayed.

Thanks for the reply! So there is no other way of displaying those shared mailbox names?

For example, we have two shared mailboxes: [email protected] and [email protected]

So displaying of these two mailboxes in eM Client will be confusing for users since the only difference is the GUID at the end.

If you have a Pro License with VIP Support, please open a support ticket with us.

I will need to have you generate some logs, and get some other details from you.