EM Client is resending importerd sent mails from Eudora

After import of EML-files of e-mails from Eudora 7 the program is sending all the mails of the out-box of Eudora. How can I stop this?

have you tried moving them to a different folder?  You could create a new folder labeled Eurdora-Outmail, or something like that.

I have taken all the mails out of ‘Postvak uit’ (the standard map of mails sent) to a such a map but the program is still sending the mails. I have deleted them but also not working.It wants to sent them. How can I interrupt it? 

hi Martin,

an OUT-Box usually contains all messages that are not yet but are  to be sent.
Messages which already have been sent are stored in “sent items”
(or similar name, depending on Application)


Martin — if I might ask, how did you import the mail from Eudora. I have a lot of old mail stored in Eudora mail folders but have not tried to recover it yet. When I was considering trying eM Client, I asked the company if Eudora messages could be imported and they said eM Client does not support direct import from Eudora.

I have imported the mails by using the converter of http://www.aid4mail.com/free-mbox-converter . That worked very good. After that you can import the EML-files.

Thanks. That is good to know about.