eM Client is giving an erroneous error message

When I try and connect to my email server, your client gives me the message:

Server says “Unauthorized”

However the emails are still retrieved.

Not this only started happening about 1 hour ago. How do I get it to stop displaying this message?

As it’s only just happened could just be a server glitch. I would first contact your mailbox tech support and advise them incase it’s a current problem their end.

Also try rebooting your computer just incase its a local computer glitch with maybe an eg: Antivirus or Firewall interfering with the email.

Failing that screenshot your Incoming server tab with the server address, port and security policy and paste it in this thread. Blank out any username and password personal details.

Thanks for the response. I have already contacted the ISP and they, of course, blame it on you guys which is not unreasonable considering I have no problems on my phone. I have tried rebooting, and turning off my virus software but that does not help.

Note, as I said in my initial report, the error message appears to be in error as the messages ARE successfully downloaded.

Attacked are my POP settings.

It may have to do with the calendar, and not the POP3 protocol.

In Menu > Accounts click on the General tab, then scroll down to Services. Untick the CalDAV option and click on Save & Close.

See if the server still says you are unauthorised.

If it does, as you have a Pro license with VIP Support, open a support ticket with us and I will look at some logs from you to see what is happening.

Yes, that was the problem, thanks.