eM Client is a total piece of crap....What you do is DEMAND your money back!!!!

Can’t get a hold of anyone from at EMmail client…A scam???
Wouldn’t be surprised…

What version are you using. I am using the free Version 6 on a laptop and a PC and it works perfect and very similar to WLM as I wished to to.

How about some specifics? You won’t get support with a pissy attitude.

While v7 does seem to have some issues, I’ve been on v6 free version (lastest rev now) for many years and it works great. Syncs seamlessly with all Apple stuff too. You do have do some homework and set it up right. In the early years when I started out with it, I actually had a fellow on the phone walk me through the setup.

Bob why this attitude?

You won’t get specifics from a troll.

Bob , Have you tried via email, they usually respond in a couple of days excepting weekends

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I purchased the latest version7
And have re-installed it four or five times now…

Hello Bob,

We can see that your license is activated now. If there is still a problem, please contact the Pro support through http://support.emclient.com/

Of course, if you’d like a refund, our 30-day money back guarantee is also an option. Please contact [email protected] if you’d like to claim it.


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I want to get as far away from your crappy program as I can…Keep getting these crappy e-mails of people having the same problems I had after purchasing a pro license…Still haven’t received a refund from you crooks and I will continue to attack this so called software which is nothing but a  money grab…'till I get my refund…
[email protected]

Hello Bob,

Your refund was issued on January 16. If you still haven’t received it, please contact your credit card company.