eM Client integration with WhatsApp and Facebook

I have already found similar topics but I think the programmers of emClient did not take this seriously in my opinion. I kept reading that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can’t be integrated. I think the issue is much simpler than what is portrait. Both utilize any web browser interface to work and therefore I see little integration to be implemented to have it compact within emClient interface.


Unfortunately Facebook pulled their API support some time back, therefore it is no longer possible to connect to Facebook chat from any 3rd party app. As for Whatsapp, there was no API to start with, so once again the same situation.

There is nothing we can do on both counts unless Facebook and Whatsapp decide to provide an API.

However it is very easy to access Whatsapp and Trello webapps via eM “widgets” (see also what “Franz” does). The only problem being that the eM web-widget does not save log-in information and you have to log-in again every-time you restart the eM client, which is a bummer. If you could just save log-ins for the widgets, this would be an amazing way to easily integrate into eM webapps like Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Trello, Slack… Please do! This should be quite simple! :slight_smile:

Integration of WhatsApp would be very welcome. It only makes sense for Communication Services to be integrated into eM Client to truly have a “one to rule them all” application IMHO. 

I think emClient has some miles to go in order to overtake some clients like Outlook which for certain reasons is more versatile. For instance the language automatic switch. It’s handy for someone like me who uses two languages all the time.

It’s weird because I downloaded MailBird and it can integrate with Slack, FaceBook, and a ton of other applications.  It is a let down as far as calendar integration (and overall design) so I am sticking with eMClient but I see other clients are able to centralize these communications.  I hope eMClient gets around to doing this as well because the first client that streamlines all of the major sources is going to win.

em client does it through the widget function nicely

em client does it through the widget function nicely

I have added and enablet widget for FB and WhatsApp but nothing is happening.

See my conversation with Jay at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/widgets-not-enabled. This may also be your problem.

Thanks it solved 

That does work nicely for a single embedded page like Facebook as it essentially is a fancy iframe.  However not everything works, such as Slack which says it won’t run in the browser version.  The Mailbird integration I was referring to is more in-depth as it is not just an rss feed or iframe but an actual integration with the apps to allow you to fully function and receive notifications from those apps within Mailbird.  As eMClient is limited in Chat functionality and direct integrations, I am hoping that they bridge that gap as the widget is not enough anymore as other options continue to innovate.  They can make eMClient the hub for their user’s communications across most major platforms which is an extremely powerful opportunity.