EM Client : IMAP read status not synchronized correctly between computers

Hi there.

I am using eMC 9.2.2157 on Windows 10 and eMC 9.2.2144 on MacOSX 12.7

Both computers are connected to our own internal network and to the same internal IMAP/SMTP server. Both clients have the same account settings, can receive and send emails and look totally normal. It’s not a new installation and I have been working with it for a while now.

In “Favoriten->Ungelsen” (Favorites → Unread) the Mac showed 197 unread emails, while at the same time the PC showed only 2. Hitting “Aktualisieren” (Refresh) on both computers did not change anything. Both “Unread Folders” are set up the same way.

I went into all sub-folders of all accounts (on the PC) in order to look for the “unread” emails and finally found the missing unread emails in the Spam folder of one account. Right after the email headers were displayed, the number of unread messages was updated and all the mails showed up in the “unread” folder as well.

Now, a little while later, I can observe that the number of “unread” messages stays out of sync. When I open one of the unread emails on the PC, it changes to “read” on the Mac instantly and vice versa.
Right now the Mac shows 198 and the PC shows 194. Again, hitting “Refresh” on both, does not change that.

Furthermore in the “Headline” the numbers are different from the numbers in the “unread”. The Mac shows 202 on top and 198 in “unread”. The PC shows 196 on top and 194 in “unread”. Small screenshots are attached.

Is there anything I can do, to get this number chaos under control ?

Regard, Michael

Regards, Michael