eM Client has spoiled me!

I have been using eM Client for three years. I have just one email account with Microsoft.  Though a few glitches have occurred along the way (growing pains) with this program, I must say that these features:  Contacts, Email and Calendar reminders work better than all the programs I have used since the advent of Internet being in all our homes around the world (2002-2004).  I want to express my appreciation again to the developers of this email client/program/app.  I have donated in the past and when I find I need a second email account setup in eM Client I will most definitely purchase a Pro license.

In the meantime, the free version out performs the Outlook App, Tbird App and several others.

Thanks again Developers. I wish you the best of success on your mission to proliferate the best email program created to-date. August 16, 2020.