eM client hacked

My eM appears to have been hacked as I am getting mails supposedly from my own e-mail address, firstly telling me I had to click on some link before yesterday and now telling me that my mails have been intercepted

"We have prevented the delivery of 9 new incoming emails to your Inbox.

Recover the messages before permanently deleted using your company portal below:" There follows an address which includes my e-mail address within the address. If my e-mail was x@y.z, the URL they send me to would be https://portal.y.z./x-rejectedemails

This clearly looks dodgy and it appears that my eM client can neither send or receive e-mails now. On my web server I can see 2 (not 9) mails which I have not received oil eM client.

What to do?? I see nowhere on eM to report this kind of thing…

sábado 10 octubre 2020 :: 2126hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Gramail

First eM Client has NOT been hacked.
It is your email address that has been compromised.
Your email address will have been collected from either a website that you have visited, from a database that you have subscribed to at some time or a company that holds your details on their database that has been hacked, perhaps from from a know and infected friendly email address.
This is a phishing attempt; do NOT follow any of the links or answer, open or do anything with these emails other than to delete them.
Clearly you are not running or have setup any antispam software or filters.
Further whatever internet/antivirus software you are running, if you are, is not fit for purpose, or at best up to date.
You MUST change ALL your passwords immediately.
You should log into your web email account, delete everything that is there.
You don’t name your ISP and whoever it is I am surprised that their antispam did not intercept these emails.

Probably the best available anti-spam software, the world leader, is MailWasher Pro available from:


Coincidentally they also have a VPN, HideAway, currently independently tested as the fastest available.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!



Only if you find it appropriate to use a system that requires you to do one step beforehand, i.e. to examine your emails first and only then download them to EMC.

viernes 18 marzo 2022 :: 1345hrs (UTC +04:00)

I do not understand the reason for your comment, you are stating the obvious.

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It’s not obvious from your message, it only becomes obvious after reading the documentation on firetrust.com.

In fact, I am looking for an antispam for EMC to install on my PC and so I searched the forum. After reading your email, I thought I had found what I needed. But no, at least for me, this feature eliminates the choice of MailWasher Pro.

I would like to have an equivalent of Antispamsniper (https://antispamsniper.com) which unfortunately is only available for The Bat! and Outlook (I used it for 6 years to my great satisfaction).

miércoles 30 marzo 2022 :: 2020hrs (UTC +07:00)

Yes I agree with you antispamsniper is good, however, MWP for many it is better than nothing.
The alternative is MWES Server from Firetust, though you need your own mail server for this,
it delivers mail already checked to your client

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.