eM Client / GoDaddy Issue

I do not have the Microsoft 365 version sold by GoDaddy, our email is running on their original email plan which I believe they managed themselves.

In any case, one of the reasons I licensed eM Client was because my Microsoft Outlook would hang during the day while attempting to sync folders. Sometimes it would hang multiple times and I would have to kill the foreground Outlook client, then find and kill the background client to get things rolling again.

My assumption was that eM Client would not suffer the same problems. Well, it seems that I guessed wrong. I am running Outlook and eM Client side by side and em Client hung first.

I am running all IMAP, not POP

The funny thing is I have Bluemail installed on my Android phone, it accesses the same email account and never hangs

Does anyone have an idea of what is causing this?



If both Outlook and eM Client Hang / Freeze / Lockup while synching or receiving email, it sounds like some optional program installed possibly slowing or interfering with email receiving / synching. Do you have any optional Antivirus email scanning running in the background ?

Also what version of eM Client are you running and do you have Windows or Mac.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am running eM Client 8.1.1054 on a Windows 10 Desktop machine. Windows is up to date. The ONLY anti-virus running is the built-in Windows Defender.

Are you aware of any special configuration options to insure that neither Outlook or eM Client get their background processes blocked?


-john miller

Are you aware of any special configuration options to insure that neither Outlook or eM Client get their background processes blocked?

The only other configuration options you can do to make sure email programs keep running and accessing the internet is (as Windows itself) normally controls background task management is eg -

if you have any optional Firewall / Security program installed, (allow Outlook and eM Client access) trough the firewall incase they are being randomly blocked access to the incoming mail ports. Or if you have already allowed access through any optional Firewall / Security program disable it temporarily to test if it’s blocking or interfering access randomly.

Also if you are running any optional VPNs , disable those to test incase that might be interfering or blocking access randomly.

Lastly if you have no optional Firewalls, Security programs, VPNs etc other than just a stock windows install, then try (disabling all background tasks) and reboot Windows to test.

There will be some other program then running in the background causing Outlook and eM Client to freeze and lockup and loose access to the internet randomly.

If Outlook and eM Client then keep working ok with all background tasks disabled, you then have to enable background tasks (one at a time) and reboot inbetween till you find which background task was the cause of the freezing / locking up issue.

If disabling all background tasks and rebooting to test makes no difference to the problem, try booting in (Safe mode with networking) to see if even the basic Windows will even allow Outlook & eM Client to keep running.

If booting up in Safe mode with networking works, then you know it’s a (Windows issue itself) and I would then be eg: creating a new Windows profile to test or save all your data and reinstall Windows. Or consult a computer tech.

Note: Microsoft also have a user forum you could also alternatively ask for advice on Windows background task management.

Results in Windows - Microsoft Community?

Speaking of background processes not mentioned… Search Indexing

You might want to check Windows Settings to see if there are any settings that allow you to bypass indexing for your email folders (perhaps do a Settings search for “index” to find a few suggestions).

Hi John,

We’ll need a bit more information before proceeding with further diagnostics. Does the application hang/freeze itself or did you refer to freezing synchronization only? Let me know please.