eM client (free version) seems to run somewhat slower than Microsoft Outlook (Office 365).

I have noted that it seems to take longer for messages to load and appear as being read in the free version of eM client than it does in Outlook 2016 (office 365).  This is the only slightly down  side of the program.  I especially like the way all of my Gmail contacts and calendar items show up automatically and having everything that I see on my iPad and iPhone on the computer and being able to update from any device.  Would the paid version of eM client offer any enhancement in processing speeds?  I am glad that I found an email client that consolidates everything in one place and offers full control from any of my electronic devices.

Because eM Client only downloads the header, when you click on an email it then has to fetch the body. You can change that in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then clicking on the IMAP tab for your account, you can select how messages and their attachments are downloaded for off-line use. This may initially take a little longer to download new messages, especially if they have large attachments or embedded images, but once they are there will open instantly when you click on them.

Thank you very much for the explanation.