eM Client Free for non-profit organization

We’re testing EM Client free for 4 users working for a non-profit organization (healthcare for people with drugs problems). One of our users has received a mail from support suspecting a commercial use and probably a problem with the terms of conduct. The users are not using EM client for commercial use, but I can’t find if they can continue to use the client for the non-profit activity. Could you enlight us with this topic?

The email would most likely have come from George Wilson. Reply to him with your explanation. I would assume that non-profit classifies as non commercial, but he will be able to clarify that.

From the Agreement you accepted when installing the application:

Business operations means using the software with any account which is not used solely for personal use. For example, use of any account that includes a domain name (e.g. emclient.com) which is registered to a business (or any other organization  including non-profit  or government organization) that is in any relation with the customer is understood as business operations.