eM Client for Ubuntu please

Will you guys develop an exact version for Ubuntu. I really want to move away from MS and go to linux. Unfortunately the only decent email client is Thunderbird and it is definitely not as good as eM Client. eM Client is superior.

Unfortunately, we do not plan to develop any version of eM Client for Ubuntu.

it’s a pity!

I too am using Ubuntu, dual booting with Windows 7.
I think eM Client is excellent but have to use Evolution in Ubuntu. Evolution is good but I would much prefer to use eM Client. Perhaps eM C. would re-consider their development plans and include Linux

Hi Gordon, thank you for your support however we’re currently not considering making a Linux based version of eM Client, maybe in future though.

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Paul, you might want to check out Evolution.  It’s as close a workalike as there is in the Linux world.  Some sort of collusion between EM and Evolution might make sense.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases of eM Client.


I just wanted to say that emClient is probably the best email client I’ve used.  However in current climate, when Windows 10 turned to be force-down-your-throat spying device, making sure emClient runs smoothly on windows, mac and linux, wouldn’t be bad idea. Current version of emClient crashes when running under WINE (linux). If porting entire software to language that is fully supported on all major desktop OSes (e.g. python) isn’t financially feasible, you should at least make sure that emClient runs rock-solid under WINE.

Greg, it is up to Wine developers, not eM Client, to make sure Windows applications run under their layer. There are other alternatives to Wine, like CrossOver, and because of their more extensive development, Windows applications run a whole lot better.

Hello Greg,

I would also like to inform you that we are currently preparing a MacOS version as an alternative to our Windows app that will come in 2018.