eM client for Mac OS X

The Apple User need eM Client for Mac OS X now! Please, do it, now!

And a linux version please! :wink:

Hi Achim, unfortunately eM Client is not yet available for OS X, however it should be released throughout this year.

Thank you,

Thx, that good news!

Does that also be true for a linux version? I imagine that the codebase is almost identical, for OSX being Unix…

No, unfortunately Linux version is not currently on our roadmap of future releases.


Agreed. Already migrated to Mac, and missing EmClient a lot!

We really need it on Mac!! please hurry!
Do you have already an idea when we can expect it?

a Linux-version would be awesome. Since you write the app from scratch i hope you use opensource/crossplatform tools like Python to make the UI, would be very easy for you to port it to different platforms then.

Hi guys:
 - Any ETA for Mac version?
 - I’ve bought license for windows, but migrated to mac in a 2 months. Will it be the way to transfer license between versions?

Thank you for all your work you doing with em client - it was my dream client for email on windows (when I was windows user) 

Hello Mikhail, unfortunately there are no more details that we could share at this point regarding the Mac Version, but the icon is in the Dock already :slight_smile:

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Hi Paul,

Do you have any news about Mac version?


Do you have any news about Mac OS version or emclient project is not alive anymore?

Hello, we’re working on the application daily, unfortunately our primary focus is currently the upcoming release of eM Client 7, we’re working on eM Client for Mac as well, however we’re not quite ready to share more details about this upcoming release, as it’s development is still in the early stages.


Will be happy to be a alfa, beta or gamma tester for it :slight_smile:

Hello! Is there any news regarding Mac version?

Hello Frantisek,
our main priority is finishing eM Client version 7 at the moment.
We hope to finish the development of the Mac version soon after version 7 release, but there is no closer details on this now.


Good news, Olivia! I think you may expect good team of alpha & beta testers for you mac version. I’ve switch to mac last year, almost couple of months before I bought Em Client license, but i’m still using it on my old laptop, when I need to have a heavy duty tasks with my emails. Looking forward for new announcements!

I would LOVE to be in on an alpha or beta test for the mac version!  HATE having to run vmware on my macbook pro just to run one program (Em Client)…BTW //Great job on the 7 beta…love it.

Hi Justin,
if you are interested in testing the MAC version, please send a request to [email protected]
There is no ETA yet, but we’ll add you to our list and contact you when the alpha version is ready.