Em Client for iOS and Android privacy

Hi guys,

finally the em Client for iOS and Android Beta arrived.
Once Outlook for mobile devices was released, it was harshly criticized because it stored Username and Password of the email accounts on Microsoft Servers, and if I remember correctly even emails were routed through their servers.
Does em Client do the same for their mobile apps or is this solved like on the desktop client?

Thanks for Your answer.

Best, Manuel

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We do not store your usernames or passwords on our server, not do we have access to them any other way.


Is this still true after the newest Blog entry that describes the push notifications?

eM Client Inc. never retrieves and has no access to account data, passwords, e-mails, calendars, tasks, notes, contacts and chat messages. The Company will never access this data for any purposes.

You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

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Great to see that the app will soon do “server side push notifications”. Looking forward to that.

eM Client blog 15th Aug 2023

“Updates to the beta versions of eM Client for iOS and Android”



This function is not yet implemented, so it is uncertain how it will work in the release version.

However, we will update our privacy policy should we make any changes in this regard.