eM client fails to shut down/uninitialize

Every time I shut down my computer, I receive an error message that eM Client did not un-initialize.  It happens regardless of how long I wait to shut the computer down, so, I tend to shut down anyway.  When I restart the computer, eM client checks for errors.  This is exceptionally annoying, as the error checking on start-up takes a long time.  I’ve looked at the threads and this seems to be a problems for a number of users, and there are no replies with solutions.  Can someone help?

Hi, we had a similar issue reported by one of our users quite recently, a fix should be released in an upcoming update, keep your application up to date, the fix should be included in releases above, version 6.0.22258.0 and higher.

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hi i’m a pro user and still get this. has this been fixed please? i have an old PC and so need to shut down every day. thanks

I have the same problem, and I have version 7.0.27943.0.  I generally have eM client running all the time and let the system shut it down when I shut down my computer at night.  I never had a problem with this when I was using version 6.  Now, I get an error about eM client not shutting down properly about once a week.

Hello Lee,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, some more changes will be made to this in the upcoming 7.1 version.


It is still same in 7.1.30646.0 in Windows 10 (updated to latest Creator Update). Really frustrating because many times I fogets to close it manually and then it force closes and on pc startup it scans for database errors.

eM Client Please fix it.

Hello everybody,

Thank you for your feedback, we’re sorry if you are still experiencing this issue. The newest 7.1 version includes new diagnostic tools that we can use for analyzing the situation. If you’d like to help us examine the issue, please make sure you’ve got the newest version. Then wait for the next few days (e.g. three) - each time that the program performs database check on startup, a special log will be created. Afterwards please go to a folder where the logs are saved (default location is C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Logs), choose the logs that have ‘WM Tracing’ in its name and send it to [email protected]  with a link to this thread.

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