eM Client Fails to connect to POP3 & SMTP server

I just downloaded eM Client, and created a new POP3/SMTP email account, and it worked fine. Then I changed the name servers to a new mail host, waited 24 hours for the domain to fully propagate, and yet it still fails to connect to the new server. I tried to modify the account on eM Client, then I deleted it and recreated it. The program’s own diagnostics prove that the software fails to recognize the new domain, because it still tries to connect through the old MX records that are no longer in place. So at this point the software does me no good if I can’t connect to an email account. Please advise. Thank you.

When you move an address to a different server, it will take some time for the MX records to propagate across the Internet. If it still isn’t working after a few hours, contact the new email provider for assistance. Or check any proxy you may use as proxies often cache data.

Also be aware the CloudFare just had a 4 hour DNS outage, so DNS may not yet be back to normal.