eM Client expert needed to help me transition from Outlook POP to eM Client IMAP (G-Suite mail)

Hi eM Client users.

I’d like to hire an eM Client certified expert to provide support/advice for my transition to eM Client + IMAP using G-Suite.

Here’s the current email setup:

  • G-Suite mail
  • Outlook 2010
  • POP
  • 121,000 emails
  • Hundreds of folders  
  • 1 computer

Here’s where I’d like to be:

  • G-Suite mail
  • IMAP
  • 2 computers
  • both running eM client
  • all mails and folders synced

My main concerns are (and perhaps an expert can shed light on these):

  • In my current email client (outlook) I have all these folders setup for all my projects – some are 2 to 3 levels deep.  Obviously I am going to lose that organisation in the new client. But I want to know how I can setup folders and put emails into folders in the new client.  Do they have to be folders/labels in gmail?

  • I now have 2 computers – a macbook and an imac. I would like to have the native eMclient working on both of them and for their inboxes+folders to be in sync always.  Currently because I use POP I cant do this, I have to copy the PST file over on an external drive when I want to use a different computer.

  • I want to avoid having to organisation 121K worth of emails from the past 10 years  into folders. I was hoping to have IMAP only import emails from a specific date (whatever date I decide to switch) and start fresh. Can emClient do this?

I am really looking forward to switching to eM Client.  And not sure if it makes a difference, but I have purchased the Pro version.


If you import from Outlook, (Menu > File > Import) you will get all your messages arranged in folders as you had before. That is no problem, but don’t use the Import whole account option. That will import your account as POP3. Rather use the Import selected folders option and then import to Local Folders.

When the import is complete, setup your email account using the automatic setup (Menu > Tools > Accounts). That will setup the account as IMAP.

When that is finished, move the messages and folders from Local Folders to the IMAP folders. That may take some time to upload them to the server. Don’t forget the Sent folder.

If you are syncing your contacts and calendars, do the same for them as well.

Once that is complete, setup any Rules (filters), signatures etc. When everything is complete, make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) and then restore that on the other computer (Menu > File > Restore). You will have two identical eM Clients syncing to G Suite.

If you don’t want to sync all the older messages, leave them in Local Folders before you make the backup. That way you will have them on both computers, but they will not sync with the server.

Hi @Gary,  Thanks for the reply.

I should say firstly that I am using a Mac (I’ve been using Outlook within Parallels). Do your instructions below apply to Mac or Windows version of eMClient?

When that is finished, move the messages and folders from Local Folders to the IMAP folders. That may take some time to upload them to the server. Don’t forget the Sent folder.

I am happy to start fresh with emClient. i.e. don’t import anything from Outlook. I will keep outlook on the computer so I can access it if I need to reference and old email, but essentially from the day I switch to eMClient it will only contain emails from that date onwards.

What I am worried about is I have 122K emails in my Gmail inbox. Are they all going to Sync with emClient when I set up with IMAP?  I can’t see any options in G-Suite to only enable IMAP for messages received from a certain date. 

You will have two identical eM Clients syncing to G Suite.

The problem with doing this is that I add new folders all the time,  which means I will have to create the folders twice, drag the emails to the folders twice (once for each instance of eMClient), so whatever option I use for folders needs to sync with both computers and gsuite so I don’t have to do things twice. 
E.g. If I read an email and move it to the Projects folder on MacBook, when I open emClient on iMac that email should be read and in the Projects folder as well.
Is this “Labels” in G-Suite?

If you are happy for me to pay you for your time consulting me on this transition, please PM me and we can discuss it.

Thank you.

As far as I know there are no differences between the Mac and PC versions in this regard.

Setting up your email account in eM Client will sync all the messages that are on the server. Unfortunately there is no way to restrict that to more recent messages only.

The purpose of IMAP is that whatever you do on one computer will be reflected immediately on the other. So if you read and move a message on one, it will be the same on the other computer as well.

Yes, G Suite uses Labels to identify which folder a message is in and eM Client will sync the same structure.

This is a community forum, where other users provide assistance. There is no need to offer payment.