eM Client error "Server says " #5.7.0 Authentication failed"


I’m afraid this error is really caused by an incorrect password input, what mail service are you using? If Gmail, did you try the 2step verification setup?

Can you please send me an email with a reference link to this forum topic to mcgregor@emclient.com?

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Yes i have been getting this issue as well. it keeps geting the pop up. what is wrong ? I believe my account has the correct passwords and settings. it was working fine for a while and then the server says Authentication failed

Hello Bryan, please note this topic is over a year old, if you’re having issues with authentication, please make sure to submit a topic regarding the issue you’re experiencing on the community support.
Please include more information about your current setup, such as the mail service vendor you’re using on your server or the exact release number of eM Client that you can find in Help > About.

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